Erotic massage “North” – an exclusive service for connoisseurs and beginners

Erotic massage “North” is a great way to relax after a hard day’s work or make your day off even more pleasant, to awaken feelings and emotions, to give yourself unforgettable sensations. Unique technology combines the experience of northern peoples with the experience of sophisticated seduction accumulated by mankind. This process will not leave anyone indifferent. Massage will be a real gift for a connoisseur of sensual pleasures and will entice an inexperienced person who is striving to acquire a new experience.

Features of the service

This kind of erotic massage is distinguished by the complete contact of two bodies, not only by the action on the skin, but also by the elaboration of muscles, especially the back and buttocks. This helps to completely relieve tension, eliminate muscle clamps, which prevent you from enjoying everyday life. This technology was borrowed from healers of northern peoples, especially appreciating their traditions and ancient, passed on from generation to generation knowledge about human nature.
It is in the gluteal muscles, back and shoulder girdle that stress accumulates, which makes a person closed to sensory sensations, creativity and emotions. It provokes problems in relations with the opposite sex, rejection of their desires and needs. Erotic massage “North” permanently rid of these problems, will return the joy of life and the freshness of sensations.

Massage technology

The session begins traditionally – with light, delicate strokes of the fingers and backs of the client’s back and shoulders, the inside of the thighs, hands and feet. After a few minutes of movement becomes more active, a specialist begins to massage the scalp and whiskey. This will improve the client’s well-being, relieve emotional tension and distract from problems.
After that, the massage movements will be replaced by intense, warming – in the back, buttocks and legs. In the process, not only the hands of the masseuse or masseur, but also the hips, chest and back are involved. Energetic tweaks and rubbing alternate with smooth movements, light, tantalizing touches to the skin. The end of the session will be impact on the client’s chest and stomach, attention will be paid to the nipples and neck.

Arrangement of premises and attributes

Erotic massage “North” assumes a special atmosphere. A darkened room with several sources of warm, muted light – lamps, candles, a fireplace – will help to completely relax and give oneself to your sensations. The room can be decorated with wooden panels, fur, twisted candlesticks. Essential oils of coniferous trees will help to create the mood. Masseuses are dressed in original leather outfits with fur inserts.

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