All the alluring secrets of 1000 and one night in touch

The purpose of the massage is to relax, remove muscle clamps, knead tired organs. Erotic massage turns the process into sensual pleasure, where all actions have an exciting direction. Erotic massage “Oriental” is a unique technology, whose goal is to harmonize as much as possible the physical condition and well-being of the client.
Oriental sensual massage consists of several components that can affect all senses:

  • The attractive atmosphere begins with melodic oriental sounds;
  • the finest fragrances of the eastern incense envelop and relax;
  • muffled lighting, flickering candles are immersed in a mysterious atmosphere of enjoyment, in which there are half-naked masseuses, accompanied by tinkling with bracelets;
  • followed by a turn of tactile sensations, for which a special refinement and diversity is characteristic.

Oriental massage is necessarily accompanied by aromatic oils, which velvet hands of the masseuse will rub with gentle sliding movements. This ancient technique of pleasure begins with general stroking movements, switches to the fingertips, moves up the body, causing the blood to circulate in the right direction. Together with excitation, all organs are filled with vital forces, which is the effectiveness of massage of this species.
One of the most impressive features of the erotic massage “Oriental” is the use not only of manual manual techniques, but also the connection of other organs of the body of masseuses. Vigorous sensory touches are produced by wrists, forearms, feet, knees. The most frank and tantalizing is breast massage or buttocks. A direct bodily contact and an increase in the massaged area intensify energy exchange, and hence the overall erotic-healing effect.
The method of oriental sensual massage uses the whole palette of sensations, in which light, as it were casual touches of the hair and breath of the masseuse play a significant role. Correct breathing rhythm strengthens erotic sensations, allows you to direct them and keep them at maximum.
Particular attention in the technique of erotic massage “Oriental” is assigned to the inguinal zone and buttocks. It is here that all the important biocurrents are concentrated, here are the most sensitive nerve endings.
At the end of the massage procedure comes a feeling of renewal and rebirth, combining relaxation and incredible cheerfulness. All organs become at times more sensitive and receptive, sexual fullness flows throughout the body, giving strength and a surge of energy.

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